All Nippon Diversity Network Platform 音声読み上げ

Osaka University, together with IBM Japan, will collaborate to develop the new data infrastructure which will become the foundation for the All Nippon Diversity Network Platform. The three main purposes of this Platform will be to gather, analyze and share valuable information. 

The Science Council of Japan will collaborate with Osaka University to conduct a survey to universities and Academic Associations.  In 2018, data was collected through a survey targeting universities and research institutions. IBM Japan and Osaka University will conduct surveys targeting corporations to gather multifaceted perspective data on female researchers and their research environment. The data gathered will be analyzed and evaluated using sophisticated tools to identify insights.

In addition, the All Nippon Diversity Network Organization will collect information and best practices from participating institutions. 

The All Nippon Diversity Network Platform website is managed independently with no influence from Osaka University. Through this website, relevant articles from prominent writers, information on regional block activities, examples and practices from participating institutions and useful information from corporations and institutions including the Science Council of Japan, will be shared nationwide.

Through this structure, an online community will be created to promote dialogue between the network of universities and corporations, also connecting students with university and corporate researchers. This network is expected to become a self-sustaining autonomous network that will contribute to our nation’s realization of a diverse research environment.

Online Virtual Community Structure